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Fresh Tomorrow

Step into tomorrow's landscape at Web3 Investor Day.


Embrace the year of transitions across tech, enterprise, and beyond, in an environment primed for easy adoption. Web3 Investor Day is an exclusive, invitation-only event that gathers top capital allocators, family offices, endowments, venture capital firms, trading groups and other industry leaders. 

The event embarks on a journey of transformation by navigating the regulatory shifts, fostering investor optimism, and exploring innovation transitions, offering insightful discussions on the transformative potential of Web3.

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Lincoln Yards - 1229 W Concord

Lincoln Yards is a new 53-acre mixed-use community that will be developed on former industrial land along the North Branch of the Chicago River. This site is uniquely located between some of the city’s most iconic neighborhoods: Bucktown, Wicker Park and Lincoln Park. Lincoln Yards will be the hub to countless connections—to new economic opportunities, new transportation options and new environmental benefits for everyone to enjoy.

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