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our values:  #responsibleinnovation

1. pay it forward.

success relies on a network of

capital, talent, and luck.  

2. entrepreneurship empowers all.

a growth mindset unlocks potential. 

3. diversity creates positive sum for everyone. 

diversity & inclusion is great business.

4. social responsibility is everyone's duty, everyday. 

compound good, not evil.

our operating principles

these principles guide

our long-term decision making

1. outlier outcomes. 

 a. pursue outlier outcomes,

     with intensity and relentless endurance

 b. build bold visions

     to fulfill long-term predictions

 c. compound growth with

     power laws, network effects

     & ecosystem flywheels

2. conviction during uncertainty. 

 a. seek clarity into

     potential scenarios and expected values

 b. delineate short-term noise

     from long-term signals

 c. expand the range of positive possibilities

3. speed in execution. 

 a. execute systematically, with speed

     against clear milestones

 b. embrace diverse ideas

     to minimize bias and achieve outlier success

 c. dig deeply into causal factors

4. measured risk. 

 a. address temporary and structural threats

 b. win exponentially, while minimizing losses

 c. deploy learnings from past failures

our commitment to

innovation for better


we achieve our mission

when we build disruptive products 

in blockchain true to our values. 

through our values,

we drive venture scale disruptive growth,

for purpose and for profit. 

we measure our impact with

OKRs and ImpactKRs.  

we believe in incorporating our values

to benefit all stakeholders -


not only our shareholders,

but also our local and international

developer ecosystems,

our entrepreneurs,

and our team members. 

our values
our commitment
our principles
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