our values

1 pay it forward.

success relies on a network of

capital, talent, and luck.  

2 entrepreneurship empowers all.

a growth mindset unlocks potential

3 diversity creates positive sum for everyone. 

diversity & inclusion is great business.

4 social responsibility is everyone's duty, everyday. 

compound good, not evil.

our commitment

venture growth and purpose

we achieve our mission

when we build disruptive products 

true to our values. 

through our values,

we drive venture scale disruptive growth,

for purpose and for profit. 

we measure our impact with

OKRs and ImpactKRs.  

we believe in incorporating our values

to benefit all stakeholders -

not only our shareholders,

but also our local venture ecosystems,

our entrepreneurs, and our team members. 

for more information about

how we scale venture growth and purpose, 

please reach out.