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Paul Hsu
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Paul Hsu

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Paul Hsu is CEO and Founder of Decasonic, the venture and digital assets fund building blockchain innovation. His experience as both an early stage tech investor and operator enable him to partner with outlier founders to accelerate product market fit and systematically scale start-ups.   


Paul’s curiosity and conviction in disruptive technology dates back to the dawn of the Internet: first, as a venture investor on Sand Hill Road, then as a senior executive at pre-IPO mobile, social and gaming companies, and today as a founder and investor in blockchain.


Paul's work at Zynga, a leading social gaming developer, focused on products and growth initiatives tied to in-game virtual economies and other digital assets. After Zynga’s IPO, beginning in 2013, he expanded this expertise into investing in blockchain technology. 


During the course of his career, Paul has held senior leadership positions at technology companies in Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Chicago and New York City where his expertise in product and growth helped stabilize and systematically scale these companies during periods of exponential growth.


Paul's early career included early stage venture investing at NeoCarta Ventures, a $300M fund based in Silicon Valley.  Paul joined as a founding team member and was a key investment professional in the investment, advisory and management activities of the fund.  


Paul holds a Bachelor of Arts from Yale University, where his studies concentrated on economics, math, statistics and international politics.  He graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude. 

Kathy Tong

Quantitative Venture Investor


Kathy is a passionate advocate for decentralization, firmly believing that empowering individuals is the key to shaping a future seamlessly integrated with blockchain technology.

In this role, Kathy leverages on-chain data and technical insights to conduct comprehensive market analysis and align product vision with real-world problem-solving in the domains of AI, NFTs, gaming, and social applications.

With a quantitative background and a conviction that numbers tell a story, Kathy is dedicated to bringing transparency to decision-making processes whether designing sustainable tokenomics or identifying high growth opportunities.

Before Decasonic, Kathy worked as a hedge fund analyst in an equity strategy pod. Previously she also worked on the research desk of a broker-dealer firm and in the risk division of an insurance company. Kathy holds a degree in finance from the University of Waterloo.

Kathy Tong
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Rizza Torres

Marketing Manager


Rizza is an altruistic innovator who aims to make a positive impact in the digital space by helping build the next generation internet through purposeful storytelling and by making ideas come to life. 

Blending her background in digital marketing and her ability to forge meaningful connections, Rizza spearheads strategies that amplify Decasonic's voice in the evolving web3 landscape. 

She's driven to craft compelling narratives and translate complex ideas into clear and engaging stories that resonate with audiences and drive growth.

Rizza brings a wealth of marketing experience from big tech and international companies to her current role, while also pursuing a Master's program in Innovation and Business at the Asian Institute of Management. Rizza holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Marketing Management from Mapua University.

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