About Venture Operating

Decasonic is a venture operating company, 

building high growth businesses

enabled by emerging technologies. 

A Systematic Approach

to iconic growth

We collaborate with entrepreneurs & investors

who are bringing category defining products to

large markets under disruption. 

Alongside our collaborators,

we invest, advise and build. 

At the earliest stages of founder market fit to 

scaling product market fit, 

we draw on our investor / operator perspectives

to create enterprise value acceleration.

We deploy a data intensive, digital first approach

to discover and execute on disruptive growth.

This systematic approach to iconic growth

establishes our culture of high excellence. 

Decasonic is building a better tomorrow, faster.

How We Invest, Advise & Build

Investing (Active Partners):

Seed Stage Venture Capital

Disruption Investing

Venture Growth and Purpose

Opportunity Zones

Operating (Growth Oriented):

Product-Market Fit Playbooks

Behavioral Science Centric Product Development

Strategic Market Entry Execution

Data Intensive Growth Engineering

Capital Efficient & Total Stakeholder Value Creation


Consumer Platforms

Big Data / Artificial Intelligence

Fintech & Blockchain Innovations

Come join us on this journey.


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