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latest media:


The Wall Street Journal 

Founder, Paul Hsu, offers his insights in a recent article featured in The Wall Street Journal, shedding light on the shift of crypto pioneers toward the realm of AI. 

Founder-Friendly Inc Award

Decasonic has been named to Inc. Magazine’s prestigious Founder-Friendly Investors list. The list honors leaders in finance who have maintained a stellar track record of success and consistent support for entrepreneurs.

Bloomberg Radio

Paul Hsu sat down with Carol Massar and Tim Stenovec to talk about early stage VC investing and the innovation happening at the intersection of AI and Web3.

Forbes TV

Rosemarie Miller, Business Reporter at Forbes and Paul Hsu sat down to talk to about innovation in #web3 and #mainstreamadoption.

Business Insider Article

Paul Hsu spoke with Business Insider about trends he's seeing with family offices and AI.

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latest perspectives:

Blockchain Beyond Boundaries: Pioneering an Inclusive and Sustainable Future

A PurposeFirst Approach to Innovation: Embracing Web3 for Global Equity and Environmental Integrity


The Future of AI Wearables: Enhancing The Human Experience

In the ever-evolving landscape of tech wearables, we've witnessed the proliferation of fitness trackers, "always-in" Airpods, and VR glasses, as the industry continuously adapts to the growing demand for technology that keeps us perpetually connected.

Shopify Plugs Away at AR Patents for Merchants
Venture Investor, Lauren Tierney, shares her opinion on the commerce sector heading toward helping the consumer after they pulled the trigger.

Tokenizing Taylor Swift's Eras Tour: A Thought Experiment

The Power of a Tokenized Community for Artists and GenZ Fans.


Today’s Storytelling is Converging to Transmedia

All roads lead to transmedia, at the crossroads of Interactive Entertainment, IP and Fan Ownership.

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Decasonic is the venture and digital assets fund

building blockchain innovation. 

We draw on our decades of experience

as both tech investors and operators

to help founders in blockchain

accelerate product market fit & scale growth. 

Since 2013, we have been believers,

builders and investors in blockchain. 

Our vision: 

Building a better tomorrow, faster

through disruptive innovation

This is a moment in time.  

Blockchain innovation is accelerating worldwide disruption 

with unprecedented magnitude & speed.

Yet, we are still in the infancy of how founders build this new world. 

Blockchain today is internet in 2000.

Tomorrow's killer apps in blockchain represent trillion dollar opportunities.   

With every dislocation & disruption, we lead, transform, and innovate stronger.

The reward is a better tomorrow, faster.

More than entrepreneurs:

Outlier founders

We are on a relentless pursuit to partner with​ outlier founders who generate 100x+ outcomes. 

Outlier founders have a winner mindset, a do-or-die hustle & a conviction in their vision that even in the most challenging moments, propels them better and bigger.   

At Decasonic, we operate like outlier founders, in our sustained dedication

to build blockchain innovation.  

Over the past two decades, we have invested in

and delivered many outlier outcomes.

Over the next decades, we plan to return many more. full stop.

A systematic approach to

iconic growth

we collaborate with

outlier founders and investors,

who are disrupting large markets

with blockchain innovation.


We invest, advise & build

alongside our partners for the long term.

We draw on our

investor-operator expertise

to create investment value acceleration.

We deploy data and digital technologies

to build killer apps in blockchain.  

This systematic approach to iconic growth

establishes our mindset and

culture of long term excellence. 

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