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about Decasonic

Decasonic is

the venture and digital assets fund

building blockchain innovation. 

we draw on our decades of experience

as both tech investors and operators

to help founders in blockchain

accelerate product market fit & scale growth. 

since 2013, we have been believers,

builders and investors in blockchain. 

we engineer with a

systematic approach to iconic growth. 

people, data and relationships

are the north stars of our fund. 

we take a long term view on 

our relationships with outlier founders. 

these relationships become the 

foundation of our investment franchise.  

how we invest, advise & build


pre-seed, seed & early stage venture capital

pre-sales, private & IEO/IDO token sales

liquid digital assets, NFTs & cryptocurrencies

advising and building:

product-market fit playbooks

behavioral centric product development

exponential product led growth

OKRs & flywheel growth

investor-deal fit alignment

in blockchain innovation: 

web3 & blockchain infrastructure

open finance & DeFi

metaverse & blockchain gaming

decentralized applications

tokenized world: NFTs

come join us on this journey.

our values
our principles

industry memberships

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