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Ventures Beyond Today: The Lasting Impact of Web3 Innovation

Meet Rizza Torres, Decasonic's marketing manager, who blends innovation and meaningful narratives to drive Web3 adoption. Passionate about building a future-forward digital space, she aims to inspire and connect.

Evolving with the World

Imagine a young child—curious, playful, and awestruck by everything under the sun. Constantly asking questions about how and why the world works, full of boundless, imaginative ideas. 

That's exactly how I felt about joining Decasonic. It brought me back to a time when anything was possible. What used to be unthinkable is now within reach as Web3 unlocks a new world of possibilities. Transitioning into an industry where innovation thrives and forward-thinking is embraced aligns with my passion of being at the forefront of emerging technology and startups.

Driving Innovation for the Global Mainstream

As a marketing professional, I've learned that a proven formula for brand success is providing meaning and value. Working with McDonald's and Google taught me invaluable lessons in connecting with diverse audiences globally. 

At McDonald’s, I learned the importance of personalization and cultural context. Each McDonald's in every country has its own distinct menu, yet the overall experience remains consistent. This strategy of making connections on a personal level and appealing to emotions is crucial for Web3 adoption. Meanwhile, at Google, I discovered that awareness is the gateway to interest, leading to loyal engagement. Translating this to Web3, it’s essential to raise awareness and make the technology digestible and accessible to foster interest that converts into a dedicated user base.

Embracing change can be intimidating, but growth takes us to places we’ve never imagined unless we take the chance to make the first step. Pursuing my Master’s program in Innovation and Business instilled in me the importance of creating meaningful innovation—one that is viable, desirable, and feasible. As long as lives are being changed for the better, such innovations are worth pursuing.

Meaningful Web3 Narratives

In a 2023 global survey, only 24% of respondents were aware of Web3 concepts.  This statistic is significant because it highlights a gap in understanding that must be bridged for mainstream adoption. To achieve this, communicating an unequivocal belief, interest, and application of Web3 is crucial. We live in a moment of time—a crossover from the present to the future. If we want Web3 to achieve mainstream adoption, we have to make it relatable and personal to people.

Empathetic marketing is about creating genuine, relatable stories that resonate with people’s experiences and emotions. Being in Southeast Asia, the epicenter of Web3 gaming, I witnessed how this technology can make a profound impact. I remember how everyone around me raved about the benefits of their newfound interest in a play-to-earn Web3 game during the pandemic, which taught them valuable lessons in strategy, finance, and teamwork. 

We need to supercharge how we tell the story of Web3, blockchain, the metaverse, and AI. They are not competitors but collaborators that enrich our lives. They enable our untapped potential, maximize our natural strengths, and solve real-world problems. Painting a personal narrative is essential to acquaint more people with the fact that Web3 is the future that’s already at play and it is here to stay—for good.

Ventures that Outlive Us

In my pursuit of living with intention, I constantly ask myself, “What for?”

It is, and will always be, for the next generation.

Building a better and brighter future for the generations to come is a personal value that I’ve committed myself to. This aligns with Decasonic’s vision of building a better tomorrow, faster, through disruptive innovations. We support ventures led by outlier founders that can outlive us.

As the marketing manager at Decasonic, my goal is to make a positive impact in the digital space by helping build the next-generation internet through purposeful storytelling. By blending my background in digital marketing with my ability to forge meaningful connections, I aim to spearhead marketing strategies that amplify Decasonic's voice in the evolving Web3 landscape. This involves crafting narratives that translate complex ideas into engaging stories that resonate with people.

Journey Along with Us

At Decasonic, we are believers, builders, and investors in how blockchain innovation can revolutionize lives, transform the status quo, and produce iconic growth. We pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest industry trends in the emerging technologies of Web3. 

Together, let’s build a better and brighter future for the next generation—one innovation at a time. 

To new horizons,  


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