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November Spotlight: Innovating with Purpose-First

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Purpose-First drives our aspirations for responsible innovation

By Grace Casey, Marketing Manager, Decasonic

As we transition into the vibrant colors of autumn, Decasonic spotlights Purpose-First November. We believe that purpose-driven initiatives are the compass that guides us toward meaningful innovation and impact.

This month, our focus is on three pillars: Value-add, Inclusive, and Sustainable. These pillars guide our purpose first spotlight for the month and are defined as such:

  • Being Value-add as Web3 investors highlights our mission to leave every room, meeting, or conversation better than we found it. At Decasonic, we energize with value-add across all facets of our work and community. This includes sharing big visions, driving accretive insights, offering mentorship, sharing our own learning experiences, and contributing to the broader web3 ecosystem in any way we can. Stay tuned this month to witness how we put this principle into action.

  • Inclusive values in the context of Web3 are the powerful force behind today’s global economic transformation. It's not just about breaking down barriers; it's about shattering them and creating an inclusive, borderless digital ecosystem. This approach ensures that opportunities are accessible to everyone, regardless of where they come from or their socioeconomic status.

  • Sustainable efforts in the Web3 landscape signify the power to finance critical public goods, such as addressing climate change. We know this pillar is prevalent today as younger generations like Gen Z are focused on putting their values behind their dollar. Sustainability is a commitment to making a lasting impact on the world while promoting a greener, healthier planet for the benefit of generations to come.

As we navigate through the ever-evolving landscape of Web3, we invite you to join us on this month’s spotlight. We'll explore how the embrace of diversity and inclusion isn't just a moral imperative; it's a strategic necessity. By highlighting the stories and strategies that are driving this change, we aim to inspire and empower individuals and organizations alike. Together, we are shaping the future of Web3 and, by extension, fostering a more accessible digital world for all.

At Decasonic, we are clear and intentional about our values and our dedicated purpose towards #responsibleinnovation. We have aspirations to build a better tomorrow, faster. We are public about our intentions, with our values published here ( for our entire ecosystem to engage and collaborate.

November Highlights:

Inc. Founder Friendly Award: Decasonic earns a place of honor in Inc. Magazine's prestigious Founder-Friendly Investors list. This recognition celebrates financial leaders renowned for their unwavering commitment to entrepreneurial success. Among the 218 distinguished firms featured, Decasonic stands out for its enduring engagement with the businesses it invests in, exemplifying the profound trust it has cultivated with the entrepreneurs it champions.

12 days of Purpose-First: As we approach Thanksgiving, we are excited to unveil a series of initiatives focused on highlighting this month's primary purpose. From blockchain-driven sustainability to more inclusive financial systems driven by stablecoins we are excited to share more about how our work and core theses drive the pillars of being value-add, sustainable, and inclusive. Stay tuned to learn more about how Decasonic exemplifies our commitment to our purpose-driven principles in our daily work and investment activities.

Blockchain for the Billions Podcast: Tune in for 2 new podcast episodes aligned with our monthly theme, complemented by our bi-weekly newsletters. Don't miss out; subscribe to our newsletter here.

Join us to delve into the value-add, inclusive, and sustainable spirit that drives us forward. And as always, if you are a founder building with these principles in mind please get connected as we always welcome ideas at the intersection of web3 and these core principles.

Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay updated on all our exciting initiatives this November. Together, we'll make a meaningful impact.


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