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Introducing: Web3 Investor Day | Chicago | July 2022

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

The Conference Where Institutional Investors Meet Web3 Innovators

Paul Hsu, Founder and CEO, Decasonic

Brian Walls, Managing Partner, Bridge Alt Digital

Dean Marks, Managing Principal, Sterling Bay

Michael Fassnacht, President & CEO, World Business Chicago, and Chief Marketing Officer, City of Chicago

When capital meets ideas, something powerful happens: innovation. American capitalism efficiently brings these two elements together to unlock the spirit of invention, evolution and transformation. This innovative spirit powered the dot com boom in the 90s-00s as well as social and mobile transformation in the 2010s. Today, it is powering web3 innovation among cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DAOs, blockchain, and the metaverse.

Recognizing the transformative potential of web3 technologies, we are proud to announce: Web3 Investor Day.

Hosted in Fulton Market, we hope the skyline views of downtown from Convene provide the breathtaking “sky’s the limit” perspectives to drive our industry forward.

We gather you to engage in a full day of networking and ideas on July 28, 2022, kicking off another web3 cultural moment in Chicago, Lollapalooza. Soon to be confirmed are our esteemed speakers, who have graciously donated their time to share the leading perspectives around web3.

Our intention is to bring together our community, both from Chicago and around the nation, to deepen conversations and connections around capital and powerful ideas. We are believers in the metaverse to enable more intimate and immersive relationships. We are believers in decentralized internet infrastructure, as embodied by web3.

Some additional background:

In spite of bear markets, innovation relentlessly moves forward. In fact, as long as top tier talent continues to meet capital and build new ideas, transformative companies are built during these times of financial volatility. Today, we are seeing sustained innovation capital seeking out the best web3 builders.

Chicago is currently a geographic epicenter of such innovation in web3. Traditionally a financial powerhouse in commodities and derivatives trading, Chicago in recent years has morphed into a world leader in fintech, crypto and web3.

No other region in the world locates, in such proximity, leaders across financial markets regulation, academic talent, public support, trading infrastructure, web development talent, quantitative engineering, and crypto financiers. No other region has the diversity of broad industry to drive forward the domain expertise required for building next generation web3 use cases. As such, we believe there is no region better suited to connect institutional investors and web3 innovators.

In this context, we have come together to co present such discussions around web3 innovation.

Paul Hsu is CEO and Founder of Decasonic, a crypto native venture capital firm building blockchain innovation. He moved his family in 2018 to Chicago to partner with other fintech and blockchain leaders.

Among these leaders is Brian Walls, Managing Partner of Bridge Alt Digital, a leading crypto fund of funds, whose mandate is to back the top tier emerging crypto investors. Having been an earlier pioneer of the quantitative trading industry, he noticed an even more substantial opportunity in crypto and became an early limited partner in many top tier venture managers including Multicoin, 1kx, Decasonic and Polychain.

Dean Marks, is a Managing Principal of Sterling Bay, the real estate development firm who has single handedly built the web3 center of excellence in Chicago. They had a major hand in transforming the Fulton Market neighborhood, which is home to a multitude of leading innovators including FTX.US, DRW Cumberland, Solana Chicago Hacker House, BH Digital, Decasonic, HXRO, Kadena, among others. Their latest development, Lincoln Yards, will be fully equipped for metaverse-ready collaborations.

Unifying these leaders is World Business Chicago, led today by longtime Chicago-based founder, executive and business leader, Michael Fassnacht. Through their efforts, they are driving international investment in- and out- of Chicago, fulfilling the mission of inclusive economic development.

Accretive talent is migrating to the city of Chicago. Currently many top tier innovators are headquartered in Fulton Market and River North. City developers are working on creating and defining a fresh epicenter of excellence surrounding this new wave of technology innovation. Coming in summer of 2024, Lincoln Yards is set to be the city’s most metaverse-ready neighborhood.

This innovation will cater to the use cases among the diverse set of industries that call Chicago their world headquarters, including healthcare, biotech, quantum technology, logistics, food and beverage, and financial services.

Where the talent travels, capital will follow.

We welcome you to join us for this conversation. In attendance, we have lined up a diverse thought leadership, across institutional investors, family offices, fund of funds, traditional VCs, web3 VCs, innovators, builders, and even more importantly, the community at large.

The future is strong when capital meets ideas.


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