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Introducing: Blockchain for the Billions

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Our Podcast from Decasonic on the Mainstream Killer Apps

By Cami Darling, Community Manager, Decasonic

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Mainstream adoption of web3 is the centerpiece of our investing, building and operating activities at Decasonic.

We believe in sharing these insights with our broader ecosystem, as a way to push the frontiers of how we build web3. We decided to today launch our podcast, “Blockchain for the Billions,” co-hosted by Cami Darling and Alejandro Ballesteros. Our show is available wherever you enjoy your podcasts, especially on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

Blockchain for the Billions brings inspiring stories of web3 founders and builders to our audience. The individuals interviewed on the podcast are blazing trails for a new generation of internet and online experiences, and we’re here to connect the dots between this new innovation and everyday consumers.

In season 1 of the podcast, Cami Darling and Alejandro Ballesteros sit down with top tier founders in web3 to pick their brains on exactly what they’re working on, what led them there, and why everyone should be paying attention. Cami brings a mainstream marketing perspective to the conversation, while Alejandro is a technical venture investor, giving the audience contrasting views from the technical perspective.

We’re taking a beginner-friendly angle on this initiative, and are committed to keeping these conversations loaded with substance while remaining digestible. All listeners are welcome, from the crypto-curious to full stack developers, and everyone in between.

Whether you’re looking to get involved in a blockchain project yourself, make a career transition, or you’re just deep-diving into the world of web3, tune in for unique and inspiring conversations with those on the front lines of developing this new generation of immersive, decentralized internet.

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