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From Finance to the Forefront: Navigating the Web3 Frontier with Decasonic

-- Kathy Tong, Quantitative Venture Investor, Decasonic

My Passion to Join Decasonic

My journey with Decasonic is driven by a desire to be at the forefront of groundbreaking opportunities. As a big-picture thinker, I sought a role that goes beyond the traditional and exposes me to the earliest stages of a company's development.  I am passionate about Web3 and am always curious about new technologies. 

Venture capital aligns with my passion for identifying companies poised to make a significant impact. By investing during these crucial stages, we position ourselves to contribute actively to their growth and transformational journey. I want to be part of the narrative from the inception and help guide decisions that can shape the future of these companies deploying data driven execution. 

Decasonic is a $48.88 million Web3 venture fund looking for high conviction ideas to lead invest in Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A rounds. We invest in blockchain, Web3, AI, gaming/metaverse and love consumer projects that can onboard web2 users to web3. At Decasonic, we execute with an always on perspective. We strive to be a strategic partner to founders in the Web3 space, well-respected by founders in various areas and go-to team for advice and guidance.

How I Got Here

Armed with a finance degree from the University of Waterloo, I spent seven years in various traditional finance and markets roles before joining Decasonic. My experience includes working as a hedge fund analyst in an equity strategy pod, contributing to a broker-dealer firm's research desk, and serving in the risk division of an insurance company. It was in 2021 that I learned upon Web3, captivated by its potential to empower individuals through decentralization across industries.  I dove into code, on-chain data and even tinked with NFTs.  

My enthusiasm for blockchain surpassed other interests, fueled by the constant stream of new ideas and innovative technologies. Web3 offers aligned financial economics, unmatched flexibility, and speed compared to the traditional financial world. After some introspection, I realized my passion for working closely with innovative products and protocols and sharing their impact with the world.

Leveraging my financial acumen and analytical abilities, I aim to identify promising new products and protocols and support visionary entrepreneurs on their journey.

Why I Am Excited

I am eager to collaborate with some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs in the blockchain space, drawn by the prospect of contributing to global projects that address real-world issues. These projects extend a helping hand to underprivileged countries, eliminate intermediaries in all kinds of transactions, allow ownership of in-game assets, and democratize once exclusive investment opportunities.

I envision bridging the gap for disruptive products to reach non-Web3 consumers across various use cases. At the intersection of AI x Web3 integration, the potential to personalize interactions with applications and empower both developers and non-technical users with equal levels of customization is particularly thrilling. This streamlines mundane tasks and enables us to focus on deep work, capitalizing on human cognitive strengths. 

The next generation of gaming and NFT assets presents a captivating landscape, with play-to-earn models, tokenized incentives, and creator-owned economies reshaping the gaming industry. I understand the NFT landscape through being a previous founder, and I can add value to projects through designing the tokenomics and aligning product market fit. I envision a future where decentralization meets top-notch UI and graphics in games and I am excited about empowering players with unprecedented control over their in-game experience.

Let’s Build the Future Together

In this dynamic space, the opportunity to learn constantly fuels my enthusiasm. The ever-evolving nature of blockchain technology encourages creativity and provides a platform where I can consistently strive to add value.

Through my role with Decasonic, I aim to harness on-chain data and technical insights to conduct comprehensive market analysis. This process allows me to align product vision with real-world problem-solving in key domains such as AI, NFTs, gaming, and social applications. Rooted in a quantitative background and a deep-seated belief that numbers narrate a compelling story, I am committed to infusing transparency into decision-making processes, crafting sustainable tokenomics, and identifying high-growth opportunities.

By actively engaging with companies, I provide strategic guidance, establish meaningful connections within relevant networks, identify challenges, align product fit, and contribute to the sustainability and duration of tokenomics design. My overarching goal is to maximize value for end users and play an integral role in shaping the ever-evolving landscape of technology, as we collectively strive to build the future together.

For founders who are building along this exciting frontier, I invite you to reach out. Let's unlock new realms of creativity and opportunity together.


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