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Decasonic Celebrates Purpose First November

November 1, 2022

By Cami Darling, Marketing and Community, Decasonic

Introducing: Decasonic Purpose First November. We're excited to launch a series of events, content and conversations exploring how we best build purpose first innovation, especially in web3. We kicked off this initiative with a Linkedin Live panel on “Purpose First in Web3” and soon to come, many more blog posts, gatherings and community events that include a wide range of perspectives and voices in our web3 ecosystem.

We are celebrating this month with Purpose First

Come November, most prepare to express their gratitude in the spirit of impending various holidays. We are intentional about our values and list them on our website. But it’s one thing to state these values. We also live these day to day, as how many other innovators and investors in our ecosystem live theirs. At Decasonic, we’ve become inspired by our local ecosystem to celebrate our first Purpose First November.

Some recent events we’ve had the honor to participate in have kickstarted an energetic flywheel effect in the local Chicago web3 ecosystem. Since joining Decasonic earlier this year, I have discovered many purpose first founders, investors, leaders, artists, and creators in Chicago. For those relationships, I’m grateful to build our community around these leaders.

Most recently, Decasonic launched and co-hosted a happy hour series titled Ladies Who Launch in an effort to create a safe space to provide educational content for web3 curious women. It turns out, a local female founder in web3 was able to fill a position for her blockchain project based on a connection made at our inaugural event.

Many founders who join our investment meetings are attracted to not only our value add, but also our value aligned, value add. These founders engage with our product ideations to discover win / win feature sets.

And earlier in the summer, we co-presented our Web3 Investor Day, a curated one day conference of innovators and investors. There, we brought together the discussions and ideas to build web3 for everyone, the mainstream. Ideas that included mainstream use cases of financial inclusion, access to technology opportunities, and wealth creation for artists and creators.

Outcomes like these three are what keep us inspired to continue to do more. That’s how we came up with the idea to celebrate Purpose First November.

What does it mean to be Purpose First?

To be purpose-first is to lead with outcome oriented actions. Taking the time to show up at local community events and engaging with intentionality people from all walks of life. We host events that act as connectors to facilitate opportunities with hopes that the web3 community in Chicago and beyond can grow stronger one by one.

We prioritize projects, collaborations, and partnerships that are value aligned rather than for social equity or “clout”. Clout and engagement farming only goes so far and we all win when everyone wins. Finally, keeping in mind that this technology enables a ton of good, and while that comes with hype/noise/memes, we focus on the good innovations being facilitated by web3 technologies for the mainstream.

Join us this month

We hope to raise the flag and engage with our community around purpose first innovation. Get out there. Let’s engage in how you define purpose and how web3 may benefit from your superpowers. Join the community events, engage in conversations with experts on topics you’re curious about, and ask how you may be able to pay it forward.

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