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Building Innovation is on the Horizon

Updated: Jan 16

-- Paul Hsu, Founder & CEO, Decasonic & Lauren Tierney, Venture Investor, Decasonic

Bridging the Gap: NEAR Horizon Redefines Support for Web3 Founders

In today’s Web3 innovation and emerging technology climate, founders are looking for more than just capital to bring their ideas to life. They seek investors who can serve as partners, advisors, and supporters in their businesses. On the flip side, investors are looking to cut through the noise of crypto Twitter and find top-tier blockchain projects and founders solving problems with Web3 products that will drive mainstream adoption of this technology.

That’s why Decasonic is excited to partner with the NEAR Foundation on NEAR Horizon — a new initiative revolutionizing how founders are supported in Web3. NEAR Horizon is a startup support platform that connects founders to investors, mentors, and other resources that can help them grow their businesses. NEAR Foundation will provide an extensive collection of content and tooling resources for Web3 and blockchain startups at all stages of development. This will include go-to-market examples, tokenomics guides, and legal and hiring frameworks.

NEAR Foundation operates a rapidly expanding blockchain, NEAR Protocol, with a vibrant and engaged community. In recent months, NEAR has witnessed substantial growth, solidifying its position as a prominent Layer 1 protocol in Web3. The active and supportive community surrounding NEAR makes it an ideal platform for launching dApps and bringing new founders into the ecosystem. NEAR’s infrastructure is designed to be easy to use, even for developers who are new to blockchain technology, making it a great option for founders who want to build applications without having to worry about complex technical issues.

NEAR's expansion is due in part to its commitment to innovation and focus on providing a user-friendly experience. In recent months, NEAR has made several significant upgrades, including the launch of the Blockchain Operating System (BOS). BOS is an industry-first that makes NEAR the direct entry point into Web3. With BOS, NEAR is no longer just a Layer 1 blockchain, but the OS for an open web, free from the centralized platforms of Web2.

The Horizon platform provides a variety of resources to help founders and funders connect, build, and launch successful applications on NEAR, including:

  • Funding: NEAR Horizon will provide up to $1 million of credits to select projects that can be redeemed for support services.

  • Technical support: NEAR Horizon will provide technical support to help teams build and launch their projects.

  • Marketing and community support: NEAR Horizon will provide marketing and community support to help teams reach a wider audience.

At Decasonic, we believe that NEAR Horizon will prove to be a valuable tool that will accelerate the growth of the NEAR ecosystem and ultimately drive mainstream adoption of Web3 technology.

We are proud to be a partner of NEAR Horizon and the NEAR Foundation. We believe that NEAR has the potential to become a leading platform for building projects that lead to the mainstream adoption of Web3 technology.

The future is bright for NEAR and we are excited to be a part of it.


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