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Immersive Web3 - Metaverse, Gaming and NFT's

Tim Harris, Luis Rameriez, Lexi Geschke, & Danny Pantuso

Recap Video

Missed the event? No problem. 
We've created recap videos of each panel so you don't miss a beat.  

Discussion Topics 

  • What are the implications of Vision Pro for the AR / VR industry?

  •  What are some of the killer apps of today? 

  • What is the intersection of web3 and metaverse technology?

  • What are some of the synergies with blockchain and AR/VR? 

  • How does Web3 address issues related to digital ownership, scarcity, and the monetization of virtual assets in the metaverse?

Cloudy Sky

Panel Overview 

The panel discussion centered on the exciting developments in AR/VR technology and its implications for the industry. The spotlight was on Apple's Vision Pro AR headset, hailed as a game-changer for the sector. Panelists explored the potential implications of this significant announcement, speculating how it could shape the future of augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.

Moreover, the discussion delved into how web3 addresses issues related to digital ownership, scarcity, and monetization of virtual assets within the metaverse. Panelists examined the role of blockchain in establishing verifiable ownership and creating new opportunities for virtual asset monetization, revolutionizing the way users interact with virtual environments.

Despite the promising advancements, challenges to AR/VR's mainstream adoption were acknowledged. Panelists discussed hurdles such as hardware limitations, content creation, and user experience, and they brainstormed strategies to overcome these obstacles


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