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Media in Web3

Michael Luckoo, Jay Kolbe, Dele Atanda, Nisa Amoils 

Recap Video

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Discussion Topics 

  • How is Web3 transforming the media landscape, and what are the most notable shifts in content creation and consumption?

  • As decentralized platforms and NFTs gain traction, what impact do you anticipate on intellectual property rights?

  • How will this affect creators, artists, and media at large?

  • Could you share some successful examples of media projects leveraging blockchain to foster meaningful interactions with their audiences?

  • How can traditional media outlets and Web3 projects collaborate to navigate this transition while maintaining journalistic integrity and credibility?"

Cloudy Sky

Panel Overview 

The "Web3 in Media" panel was an illuminating discussion in which panelists highlighted how blockchain and decentralized platforms are fostering a more direct and engaged relationship between creators and their audiences, enabling novel revenue streams through tokenization and NFTs. These innovations are not only redefining traditional media business models but also empowering individual creators to maintain greater ownership and control over their work.

A significant topic of discussion revolved around the implications of Web3 on intellectual property rights in the media industry. The panelists explored the potential for blockchain to revolutionize the way copyrights and licensing are managed, ensuring fair compensation and protection for creators while promoting collaboration and sharing in a decentralized manner. However, they also addressed the complexities and challenges in developing standard frameworks that cater to the diverse needs of artists, media companies, and consumers. 
The discussions underscored the need for collaboration and innovation between traditional media outlets and emerging Web3 projects to navigate this transformational shift successfully while upholding journalistic standards and embracing the opportunities that lie ahead.


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