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Leadership in Web3

Fireside chat with Jason Pritzker and Paul Hsu

Recap Video

Missed the event? No problem. 
We've created recap videos of each panel so you don't miss a beat.  


Discussion Topics 

  1.  Could you share some background on The Pritzker Organization and how you are partnering in technology?

  2. What are some of your leadership lessons from other bear markets?  

  3. From the vantage point of a fund of funds, what drives successful partnerships with venture firms?

  4. What are your perspectives around building for the long term and an agile mindset?

  5. What are key aspects of a winning culture that apply to web3?

  6.  Could you share some thoughts around the alignment of business and impact?

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Panel Overview 

Drawing from their experience in building businesses during bear markets, both Paul and Jason shared valuable leadership lessons. They emphasized the importance of patience and an agile mindset in navigating challenging economic conditions, and underscored that results don't come overnight, but perseverance and adaptability are rewarded in the long run.

The panel discussion commenced with an overview of The Pritzker Organization (TPO) and its partnership in technology. Jason shed light on TPO's background, highlighting its commitment to collaborating with technology-driven ventures to foster innovation and growth.


The conversation then delved into the factors driving successful partnerships with venture firms. One crucial aspect explored was the art of building a winning culture, especially in the context of web3 ventures. The panelists discussed the need for a balance between realism and optimism, sorting substance from hype. They highlighted key aspects of a winning culture, including a focus on responsible innovation and long-term thinking, which are essential in the dynamic web3 space.

The fireside concluded by addressing the alignment of business and impact, emphasizing the importance of responsible innovation to drive positive societal change. Both Paul and Jason shared their thoughts on how web3 technologies can be leveraged for the greater good, ensuring that these ventures have a meaningful impact on society while thriving in the long term.


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