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Innovation in Chiacgo

Ted Souder, Michael Fasshnacht, Sonia Nagar, and Keating Crown

Recap Video

Missed the event? No problem. 
We've created recap videos of each panel so you don't miss a beat.  

Discussion Topics 

  • Chicago has a rich history of innovation. What unique opportunities does it present for investors in this rapidly evolving space?

  • As we look at traditional industries in Chicago, what key sectors do you see being disrupted the most, and how can investors and the city capitalize on these transformative shifts?

  • How do you assess the regulatory and electoral landscape in Chicago? What steps are being taken to foster a supportive environment for startups?

  • How are collaboration and partnerships between established companies, startups, driving the growth of the city?

  • How can founders stand out to secure funding in Chicago's burgeoning investment landscape?

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Panel Overview 

The "Innovation in Chicago" delved into the city's thriving tech ecosystem and its embrace of new technologies. Panelists emphasized how Chicago's legacy as a hub for innovation positions it as a strategic location for Web3 ventures to flourish, with its diverse industries, skilled talent pool, and a supportive business environment.

 Moreover, the discussions centered on the regulatory landscape and how Chicago is actively fostering a supportive environment for startups. Panelists shared insights on the evolving regulatory framework and how policymakers are working in collaboration with the industry to strike a balance between innovation and consumer protection.

A key theme throughout the panel was the power of collaboration and partnerships in driving innovation. Participants underscored how established companies, startups, and municipal projects are coming together to build a robust and inclusive ecosystem. The panelists emphasized the value of mentorship, shared resources, and knowledge exchange, as well as the symbiotic relationships that foster growth and attract more investment to Chicago.


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