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Fundraising from VC's as a Founder

Adam Jackson, Laura Cunningham, Rebecca Allen, Caillecach De Weingart-Ryan

Recap Video

Missed the event? No problem. 
We've created recap videos of each panel so you don't miss a beat.  


Discussion Topics 

  • What are the key elements VCs look for when considering an investment in a startup? How can founders effectively demonstrate these qualities?

  • What are some common mistakes founders make during VC pitches?

  • What strategies can founders employ to make their presentations more compelling and successful?

  • How has fundraising changed in today's climate for founders? How do you feel about the future of web3 fundraising? 

  • Can you offer advice on how to build and maintain strong relationships with VCs, even if the initial fundraising attempt is not successful?

  • How can founders leverage these connections for future funding rounds or other opportunities?

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Panel Overview 

The panel on "Fundraising from VCs as a Founder", comprising both prominent VCs and successful founders, delved into the critical factors that VCs consider when evaluating startup opportunities, emphasizing the significance of a compelling business idea, a solid market opportunity, and a strong founding team.

They shed light on the current VC landscape, discussing the 'buyers market' and how to position to create a sense of urgency with investors. Additionally, the panel offered real-life examples of both successful and unsuccessful pitches to illustrate crucial do's and don'ts. Furthermore, they underscored the significance of building and maintaining strong relationships with VCs, even if initial fundraising attempts are not successful, as such connections could lead to future opportunities, strategic guidance, and potential follow-on investments. 


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