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Countdown to WEB3 ID 2023

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lessons in building web1 to web3

Sam Yagan, Managing Director, Corazon Capital

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Lessons in Building Web1 to Web3

Sam Yagan, CEO Corazon Capital

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Victoria Bills, Venture Investor, Allos Ventures

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Sam Yagan is co-founder and managing director of Corazon Capital since 2014. He recently served as the CEO of ShopRunner, Inc., which provides its millions of members free two-day shipping and seamless checkout at over 100 leading online retailers. Before ShopRunner, Sam co-founded OkCupid in 2003 and served as Vice-Chairman of Match Group. Sam has earned recognition on TIME’s “100 Most Influential People in the World,” Fortune’s “40 Under 40,” and Silicon Alley Insider’s “Most Inspiring and Influential People.”


Victoria Bills is an associate for Allos Ventures. Based in Chicago, Victoria assists with their deal flow and due diligence for investing in Illinois based companies. Prior to joining Allos, she was an Investment Analyst for the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office.

During the panel, Sam shares insights from his unique experiences building and running many Web2 companies. Victoria and Sam discuss their vision for the future of Web3 product. 

Demo Den at Web3 Investor Day

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