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Web3 Needs a Rebrand: Unlocking Mainstream Adoption Through Next Gen Marketing

Updated: Jan 16

-- Grace Casey, Marketing Manager, Decasonic

Get to know me, the face behind Decasonic’s social voice. I hope to engage in continuous research, immersing myself in the Web3 x AI space to cultivate a deep understanding of our community and their unique needs.

Why I joined Decasonic: Bringing Blockchain Technology Mainstream

With a background in blockchain hackathons and AI software sales, I am thrilled to contribute my expertise to Decasonic. I believe that effective marketing is about creating meaningful connections.

Within every visionary team, there is a marketer. One who is able to share the “why” behind a product, vision, or cause.

As a marketer, I know for certain that for web3 to reach mainstream adoption it’s going to need a rebrand. I strive to bridge the gap between the overused buzzwords of web3 and focus on meeting consumers where they are to truly drive mainstream understanding and adoption.

My goal is to craft compelling narratives that ignite curiosity. Through the development of strategic marketing plans and fostering valuable partnerships, my objective is to drive the realization of Web3’s transformative potential.

How I got here: Embracing Hackathons and Unlocking Creative Potential

My personal journey into Web3 has been deeply intertwined with participating in hackathons and emerging technology programs throughout my schooling. These experiences led me to uncover the profound potential of Web3 technologies. Throughout college, I had the opportunity to participate in hackathons and grant programs that shaped my perspective on the potential of decentralized technologies.

Encouraged by my professor, I eagerly embarked on this adventure… pitching my idea of "Identity on the Blockchain '' with a touch of humor, declaring myself a visionary leader. This lighthearted moment set the tone for a collaborative and creative atmosphere. I formed a diverse team of eight talented individuals, with me being the only female member, and together we harnessed our collective knowledge and passion for blockchain technology. As a leader, I spearheaded the logistical aspects of our solution, pivoting as needed to catch the judges' attention and secure the second-place spot.

Beyond the accolades, this hackathon experience served as a turning point, solidifying my determination to venture (no pun intended) into the world of web3 and tech, demonstrating that my skills and ideas had significant potential.

Shortly after the hackathon, fueled by my passion for Web3 and beauty, I channeled the core concept of "Identity on the Blockchain" into my passion project—Beauty on the Blockchain. This idea caught the attention of my university's Women in Technology program (WINVENT). To my delight, I secured a highly sought-after position within this semester-long cohort, emerging as one of the select two participants out of an impressive pool of applicants.

Participating in WINVENT was an invaluable experience that connected me with remarkable women in the tech space. The program provided a supportive community, refining my pitching skills and offering interactions with potential investors. Over fourteen intensive weeks, I devoted myself to bringing the idea to life, creating a platform for beauty brands to track their products from inception to disposal, and fostering a more sustainable future. As my project progressed I learned the art of being a founder; pivoting, adapting my concept to cater to new audiences, and finding product market fit.

Throughout this journey, I encountered numerous challenges that reinforced the importance of adaptability and staying attuned to market dynamics. The experience solidified my commitment to continuous learning and embracing change as an opportunity for growth. It was through this combination of participating in hackathons, the WINVENT program, and my unwavering belief in the potential of Web3 that I transitioned from my background in consumer AI software to join Decasonic.

Joining as Decasonic’s new marketing manager, I plan to leverage my expertise in crafting compelling narratives and understanding consumer behavior to drive awareness, foster adoption, and amplify the impact of Web3 solutions. We are at a unique inflection point today to shape the future of technology and my experiences in blockchain positioned me at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry.

Web3 is the future.

Just like in the dot com era, there is a sense of skepticism and hesitation among consumers when it comes to embracing Web3 technologies. Many are quick to dismiss it as a passing trend, citing the numerous rugpulls in NFT markets and the controversies surrounding big businesses in the space. These experiences have sparked a hesitance to fully embrace blockchain technologies.

At Decasonic, we understand why concerns are had about web3 and that is why we place a strong emphasis on the blockchain use-cases that solve real problems.

It's not enough to simply ride the wave of blockchain hype. We believe that the key to mainstream adoption lies in identifying companies that are solving real-world problems through web3, the immersive web, and cryptocurrency.

Let’s build the future together: Stay Connected

In the rapidly evolving realm of Web3, time appears to sprint ahead, compressing what feels like six months of progress into a single week. Keeping a pulse on the emerging trends in this dynamic industry is critical for success.

As the Marketing Manager at Decasonic, I want to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve by constantly monitoring the ever-evolving Web3 landscape. This commitment enables Decasonic to adapt our marketing strategies accordingly, ensuring that we remain agile and responsive to emerging trends and market shifts.

By gaining insights into our audience, I strive to create thought-provoking content that resonates with our community, positioning Decasonic as a trusted authority at the intersection of Web3 and AI.

By working together and staying connected, we can harness the collective intelligence and expertise of the Decasonic team and the broader Web3 community.

With all that being said, you can reach me at or on LinkedIn!

Here’s to being bullish about building the future,



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