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Building with Optimism at Decasonic Labs

Building with Optimism at Decasonic Labs

Alejandro Ballesteros, Venture Investor, Decasonic

Early stage venture investing requires an incredibly ambitious, yet realistic optimism that is a difficult balance to cultivate. Although I am building the early foundation in my venture investing career, I have learned that optimism powers innovation. Being an excellent early stage investor definitionally requires thinking optimistically about the future in a very rigorous manner.

Settling for a marginally better product when trying to upseat established industries never leads to success. The future is mostly uncertain, subject to a seemingly infinite amount of variables, and depending on your views, probabilistic. Progress is never clear cut, and as a result finding non-consensus solutions to very large problems can seem like an insurmountable task. Creating a product from an idea, going from zero to one, is not for the faint of heart. This process requires an intense will power to take on what most would consider to be too audacious of endeavors. At Decasonic, the term we’ve coined for entrepreneurs that embody this is an “outlier founder”.

To develop this mindset, one must acquire a rigorous and analytical way of conceiving a more productive, yet probable future. Oftentimes, these views may not be consensus as a result of the subtleties and variance of the paths by which the future can unfold, so one must also develop the nerve to stand on your own two feet. Conviction overcomes uncertainty.

This futuristic mindset uniquely encapsulates the success of Silicon Valley in becoming the mecca of venture capital. In the silicon valley of the late 1990s, you could find people like John Doerr, Marc Andreessen, and Vinod Khosla who took seemingly absurd conceptions about the future very seriously and labored through the logic of what a highly optimistic yet unlikely future might entail in order to bring the products and solutions that would make this possible to life.

Whether it was thinking rigorously in 1996 about a future where one could purchase any product they desire on a single internet website and expect it to arrive at your doorstep within one or two days, envisioning a website that makes the act of complete strangers renting each other their homes entirely mainstream, or conceiving a future in which most people meet their significant others by swiping on pictures of complete strangers on their smartphones, these investors didn’t just think about the future, they also helped build it for the world. And they built transformative change during the pessimism of bear markets in the early 2000s.

Taking inspiration from the greats in conceiving and building a highly optimistic future, I am proud to update the progress we are building at Decasonic Labs. At Decasonic Labs, we are focused on bringing about the vision we have established at Decasonic through rigorous treatment of highly ambitious conceptions of the future. We dream big and will build with the goal of an equally large impact. We are bringing on collaborators across software engineering, frontend and backend development, and product/ UX design to partner with the most ambitious builders that want to take the idea of a radically better future as seriously as we do. We are planning events to convene the most passionate and dedicated builders. We are actively collaborating day to day in bringing ideas to concept.

We are focused on building products that bring blockchain technology to the mainstream. The early infrastructure has been built, but the user experiences and value propositions that drive mainstream adoption have an arduous path to tread. We aspire to be top tier technical builders and investors, by making tangible contributions to the Web3 ecosystem and pushing forward current boundaries in the user base. Decasonic Labs is headquartered in the Fulton Market district in Chicago, operating in a hybrid remote/office model such that we can engage in rapid iteration and testing to build the best products possible. We call our space Dev Labs.

We believe that this journey further enhances our investment alpha and drives synergies within our portfolio. It is only by engaging in the arduous trial and failure of incubating companies and building products that one learns the lessons few put in the work to learn. When you’ve built a company you become intimately acquainted with these trials and tribulations, and you build your own repository of knowledge from these experiences. Experience in building, scaling and operating is how we relate to our founders.

As a result, we can better empathize with startup founders as they too go through the builder journey. Furthermore, we are able to build products that create synergies within our portfolio and support our companies through that avenue. Strategically, we see this bear market as an excellent opportunity to act on our conviction. So while pessimism in the broader markets ensues as a result of uncertainty about the macroeconomic future, we focus on the one thing that we can control: building, putting the shovels in the dirt everyday, and taking it upon ourselves to make our vision of a better future a reality.