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Our Mission is to transform blockchain ideas

into world changing innovations at unprecedented SPEED.

Decasonic Labs is the Innovation Generator

building the blockchain revolution.


Decasonic Labs brings together a community of

great technical people and big ideas.

It is a place where outlier founders can connect and learn from each other. 

In Web 1 incubators often favored VCs over founders.

In Web 2.0 accelerators force ideas into assembly lines.

The revolution begins here.

In Web3 Innovation Generators empower builders through development communities. Every founder and idea is unique. Every path to innovation needs a personalized approach.


Our Culture at Decasonic Labs

  • Openness - Within the walls of Labs is a positive environment of cooperation and collaboration. Trust is key.

  • Challenge assumptions - ask the tough questions, only through rigorous questioning will concepts fully mature.

  • Entrepreneurship - All members of Decasonic Labs are encouraged to run with ideas and become founders/co-founders of the concepts they incubate at Labs. 

  • Build holistically and for the long term - Build in mind for those that come after you. Pay it forward.

  • Grow yourself - build the skills to be a leader, builder and mentor.

  • Challenge yourself - only by overcoming adversity do we accomplish. Every problem is a challenge and an opportunity. 

  • Balance - Balance heightens our focus. Maintain a healthy work-life balance and have FUN, laugh often while going FAST!

Interested? Please reach out here for more information on our application process. 

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